Case Studies – Working with Active Investors

ET Index Research Client Case studies

‣ Data collection for the South African SWIX index, across Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.
‣ Analysis of unlisted companies across different geographies.
‣ Building specific estimation models for Scope 3.
‣ Investment strategy creation – low carbon momentum strategy based on European companies that had the greatest carbon reduction based on the ET Carbon Rankings

  • Carbon footprinting and portfolio analytics across asset classes.
  • Data collection for a specific set of client specified companies.
  • Assist in stock selection processes – positive & negative screening using ET Index Research data.
  • Use ET Index Research data to compare against in-house data and models.
  • Build customised estimation models, e.g. Scope 3.
  • Integrate ET Index Research climate factors into the investment and risk management process e.g. ET Temperature factor, ET Carbon factor, ET Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) factor.
  • Build and advise on equity and fixed income investment strategies, e.g. decarbonisation strategies.
  • Create bespoke low carbon indices and benchmarks.