Guides and Reports

Guides and Reports

An Investor’s Guide to Climate Change outlines the key trends that every investor should know. This includes relevant climate change drivers and metrics, understanding a portfolio’s climate exposure and the fundamental steps investors must take when formulating an investment response to climate change. 

“Prudent investors are developing comprehensive and robust strategies to identify, understand and manage exposure to climate-related risks and opportunities.

As of March 2018, 170 countries have now ratified the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement and 165 countries have submitted their Nationally Defined Contributions (NDCs) for cutting emissions. 

In addition, more than 40 countries and 20 cities, states and provinces now have carbon pricing mechanisms in place. Significantly, China launched the world’s largest emissions trading scheme in December 2017. This means that 25% of global emissions are now subject to some form of carbon pricing.” 

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