Engaged Tracking Foundation

Engaged Tracking Foundation

The Engaged Tracking Foundation (formerly known as the Environmental Investment Organisation) is a UK-registered not-for-profit ‘think-and-do-tank’ dedicated to accelerating the shift to a low carbon, more circular and sustainable economy. 

It operates a model of developing and supporting initiatives designed to accelerate the shift to a low carbon, more circular and sustainable economy. 

The Engaged Tracking Foundation was the incubating think tank behind the Engaged Tracking concept, which is now being implemented by Engaged Tracking.  

The Engaged Tracking Foundation is now primarily focused on supporting the “Interdependence blueprint” – a plan to fund the rapid scale up of climate solutions, invest in local renewable energy and sustainable food production infrastructure, create meaningful jobs and new ways for people to participate in the low carbon transition. 

As part of its work in supporting the “Interdependence blueprint”, the Engaged Tracking Foundation is sponsoring and administering the Global Sustainable Internship & Leadership Programme, launching in June 2019. This programme is designed to train the next generation of sustainability-focused leaders and practitioners to help accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world. 

For more information, please visit the Engaged Tracking Foundation website.